Eyecare Professional's & Patient Login

Features Include

  • Cartoon pirate themed app
  • Treasure box patching calendar to record total hours of patching
  • Pirate avatar
  • Use gold earned by patching to buy accessories for your avatar
  • Mini games coming soon

Fantastic New Pirate Themed App to Assist Patching For Amblyopia:

This is a world first app aimed at making patching fun. You will have been asked by your eye doctor to patch one of your child's eyes to improve the vision in the other eye. Developed by an Orthoptist with 30 years' experience patching children, Patching Pirate will encourage and motivate your child to patch. It also records patching hours so your eye doctor can better follow progress.

Children thrive on praise and rewards; they will love showing the results of their hard work to family, school friends and their clinician.


Patching must only be conducted under the direction of a registered eye health professional.